Why Shalimar’s Dhaniya Powder is Considered Best Dhaniya Powder in India

Coriander powder in India is an important ingredient in the Indian kitchen. Coriander powder can be formed by grounding fresh coriander seeds. Also known as Dhaniya powder in India, coriander powder lends a favorable aroma to the delicacies without standing distinctly apart in terms of aroma. Coriander powder not only has a good use in the Indian kitchen it also has multitudinous health benefits. Shalimar’s Dhaniya Powder is the Best Dhaniya powder in India due to the following reasons:


  • Rich Taste- Shalimar’s Dhaniya powder has a rich taste when it comes to the delicacies prepared in the Indian kitchen. The rich taste of the Dhaniya powder gives the food a unique flavor without pushing away any other flavor.
  • Natural Process- Shalimar’s coriander powder is prepared naturally without any added chemicals or flavors. The best way to prepare coriander powder is to prepare it the natural way by grounding fresh coriander seeds. Shalimar India abides by this rule and thus the coriander powder is prepared in the most natural process.
  • No Addictive, No Mould, No Heavy Metal- No adulteration can be found in Shalimar’s best Dhaniya powder in India. The coriander powder is free from any harmful carcinogenic metal or substance. The coriander powder is uniform in composition and does not contain any mould or lumps. It is also free for any drugged substance that can cause addiction of any sort.
  • Strong flavor- The best part about Shalimar’s Dhaniya powder is its strong flavor. Coriander powder is a very important healthy ingredient in the Indian dishes and Shalimar’s coriander powder provides the dishes with the strong and unique flavor. The coriander powder however doesn’t kill off the other flavors or has its independent taste even though it is highly necessary when preparing the Indian dishes.
  • High nutrition value- The nutritional value of Shalimar’s Dhaniya powder is very high. Coriander powder in its raw and pure form is very healthy. Considering this, Shalimar has tried to incorporate the same health benefits in its product. Therefore maintaining the nutritional value of the product remains a top priority.
  • Reasonable Price- The best Dhaniya powder in India comes at a very reasonable price rate. Shalimar’s coriander powder does not cause a dent in the pockets when you go grocery shopping. A spice product that is low cost and a brilliant product is a must have.


Shalimar’s products are synonymous with freshness and purity. Shalimar India provides a wide range of products other than coriander powder that include Turmeric powder in India, Cumin powder in India, Garam Masala powder in India among other spices and oils. Shalimar India is the most dominant market player with its brand like “Shalimar’s Chef” which is very popular in the Indian market. To know more about the products and company, visit http://shalimarindia.co.in/




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