7 uses and health benefits of Dhaniya Powder in India

Coriander or Dhaniya is an integral part of the Indian cuisine. One of the most popular spices, Dhaniya powder in India is used in all major Indian delicacies. Coriander is obtained from a plant called Coriandumsativum. The coriander seeds are obtained from the dried fruits of the plant which is then crushed into a powder form to use as a spice. Dhaniya or coriander powder has a very rich and spicy aroma to it. Mostly, Dhaniya powder in India is not only used for culinary purposes but it has a lot of medicinal and health benefits as well. It also helps in personal care as well. Natural ingredients are the best way to ensure great health and wellness. Here are 7 uses and health benefits and uses of Dhaniya powder in India-

Dhaniya Powder in India
  • Great for Digestion-The anti-oxidant properties and dietary fibers present in coriander powder facilitate bowel movements and promotes a healthy liver functioning. These properties release enzymes and juices that prompt better digestive functioning.
  • Anti-Diabetic- Often referred to as the anti-diabetic plant, coriander is a wonder plant. Coriander powder increases HDL cholesterol in the blood as well as suppresses LDL cholesterol. It helps in keeping the blood sugar level in check which keeps diabetes in control.
  • Helps in Curing Menstrual Irregularities- Regulate excess menstrual flow with the help of coriander powder or seeds. Coriander powder contains natural stimulants that stimulate the endocrine glands to secrete and maintain hormonal imbalance. This helps in controlling the menstruation flow as well as ease pain.
  • Shields Against Salmonella- The harmful food borne bacteria, salmonella that is responsible for diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and food poisoning is a nightmare to combat. Coriander powder has anti-bacterial property that helps in suppressing salmonella bacteria and shield our body against this dangerous bacterium.
  • Cures Skin Diseases-Coriander seeds and powder has antiseptic properties that helps fight skin problems like rashes and eczema. Also Dhaniya powder contains linoleic acid that can reduce inflammation like rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Fights Pimples- A recurring problem for the teenagers, pimples and acne are hard to get rid of. However, coriander’s anti-bacterial properties help in fighting pimples and acne naturally.
  • Cure for Cold and Flu- Dhaniya powder is rich in Vitamin C, an oxidant that is essential for maintaining a healthy body and skin. It also releases collagen that helps in healing the wounds, maintains the health of tissues and protects the body against common cold and flu.

It is essential to always buy authentic and pure coriander powder in India. Shalimar’s coriander powder is the best Dhaniya powder in India. To view or buy visit https://www.shalimarindia.co.in

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