9 Uses & Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in India

Coconut oil is one of the most underrated oils in India. More than often our grandmothers used to stress upon the usage of coconut oil- owing to its multiple health and beauty benefits. A corner of the kitchen is still adorned with a coconut oil tin jar in India. Coconut oil is an all rounder when it comes to benefits. Coconut oil in India is used for its health benefits, for beauty purposes as well as cooking. With multiple benefits as such, the coconut oil bottle in India deserves to be in the frontline. Learn about the health benefits and uses of coconut oil-

Coconut Oil in India

Health Benefits

For weight loss- Coconut oil is the richest source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs act as a major catalyst in promoting weight loss without any fear of constricting cardiovascular disease. Hence it can be carefully added to the diet. Consumption of coconut oil in food will help you in shedding that extra little weight that has left you bothering.

Makes the heart strong- The presence of natural saturated fats in the coconut oil helps in converting the LDL cholesterol into HDL cholesterol as well as increases the HDL cholesterol. Thus it helps in keeping the heart healthy making it strong enough to prevent heart diseases.

Helps in controlling diabetes- Show some love to the MCTs in the coconut oil for this as well. The MCTs not only promote weight loss, they make our body develop to glucose tolerance as well. This helps in controlling diabetes as it also promotes the reduction of body fat.

Boosting immunity Coconut oil can very fiercely protect the body against disease causing bacteria and viruses. It helps in combating them as well as reducing their growth to maximize effect. Thus coconut oil in India helps in building immunity.

Helps in teeth whitening- Reduce the formation of plaque from your beautiful teeth with the help of coconut oil. The oil also increases the absorption of calcium which makes your teeth strong and the reduction of plaque helps in whitening.


Great make-up removal- A natural at removing the tough colors from your face, a bottle of coconut oil comes handy for easy make-up removal. The oil can easily glide through the face wiping away all the tough stains that refuse to leave your face. Coconut oil is a blessing for the nights after a long tiring day at work.

Hair care- From removing dandruff to aid you in getting those strong and shiny hair locks, coconut is a wonder product for your beautiful hair. A soothing hair massage with coconut oil helps in curing frizzy and dry hair smoothening it in the process. Acting as a natural conditioner, coconut oil helps in strengthening the hair by adding the necessary proteins that your hair needs.

Removes tanning- Tan is a serious problem on those hot blazing days that leaves your skin burned. A lot of beauty products promise tan removal but nothing can compete with a natural ingredient. Coconut oil is a magic ingredient that even reduces the tan, just apply some oil and gently massage it.

Prevents wrinkles and ageing- No wonder that a coconut oil bottle in India kitchen is so common, the coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin and promotes collagen formation that maintains the youthfulness of the skin making it look younger and prevents ageing. You can also massage it on your wrinkles and lines to slowly gain back a taut skin.

Using an authentic coconut oil is essential to experience these multitudinous benefits. Buy an authentic and pure coconut oil tin jar in India by Shalimar India. Visit the site for information on the company and its products including coconut oil. Visit http://shalimarindia.co.in/



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