A boon to medicine: common uses of Dhaniya Powder in India

Indians are crazy about Dhaniya or Coriander as the very sight and smell of it leads to mouth-frothing rage. Besides its popularity in culinary, the green stems and fan-shaped leaves are loved and adored for its mindblowing medicinal value.

The medicinal benefits of this wonder herb are due to its rich source of manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, vitamin K and C and protein besides phytonutrients, essential oils, and antioxidants.

Dhaniya Powder

Dhaniya powder in India is widely preferred as the seeds and leaves are amazing analgesics, fungicidal, antiseptic, aphrodisiac as well as a natural stimulant.

No one likes to take drugs for treating illness and when coriander is the best alternative for curing a range of health problems, then why not take advantage of it. The post present 7 common uses of Dhaniya powder in India that keeps us healthy.


Dhaniya powder is rich in dietary fiber which makes it a wonderful agent for relieving constipation and gastrointestinal problems.

Adding two teaspoons of powder to dishes or smoothies or sherbets will not only add great flavor to the dishes but also removes indigestion, boost liver function and ensure regular bowel movement.

Gout and arthritis

Regular consumption of Daniya powder by mixing equal parts of coriander powder, Krishna jeera, and cumin powder with jaggery helps relieve gout.


Randomized control trials on best dhaniya powder in India have also proved the effectiveness of dhaniya leaf powder against uric acid and arthritis due to the anti-inflammatory nature of the Dhaniya leaves.


Dhaniya powder is commonly used in India as a part of Ayurvedic treatment to reap its antibiotic benefits. The compound dodecenal in coriander leaves is competent in killing foodborne bacteria such as Salmonella and other gram-negative bacteria like E.coli.

A Portuguese based scientific study revealed that Dhaniya powder can be used as a clinical drug due to its infection-fighting properties. People use Dhaniya seeds powder in juices to relive food poisoning.

Skin health applications

Dhaniya powder and turmeric powder is used as a paste to get rid of annoying pimples and restore the beauty and skin health. As a face pack, It is also an effective cure for dry skin, eczema, and blackheads.

Heavy metal detox

Intex detoxification of the body is vital for eliminating the toxins from the system and boosting the energy levels.

Alternate healers in India prepare a juice from Dhaniya powder and mix it with Chlorella powder to eliminate heavy metals like mercury or lead that slows our system.

Hair loss

Dhaniya powder well mixed with the coconut oil is used in India for skull massage to stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth.

It is also known to work effectively against dandruff problem and hair loss when used twice a week. This remedy reduces the side effects of chemicals present in hair serum, shampoo, and conditioners.

Culinary uses

These are some of the problems that can be cured easily with Dhaniya powder. It has a range of culinary applications that help to reap the medicinal benefits of Coriander. Dhaniya powder is used as flavoring agent in stews, confectionery, cakes, sweet bread, and sausages.

It is an essential ingredient in Indian spices and in preparation of chutneys, curries, marinades, and pickles – the easiest way to intake antioxidants and other plant-based chemical compounds that prevent disease and promote health.

Wrap up

There are multiple benefits of Dhaniya powder besides those mentioned above and it can be consumed in a variety of ways depending on your convenience and comfort. However, a word of caution is to be aware of food adulteration in Dhaniya powder in India.

Look for reputed companies manufacturing best Dhaniya powder in India to stay safe and healthy. Share your views with us and stay connected for more posts. For any query contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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