9 remedies for skin and hair problems – coconut oil in India

Coconut oil bottle in India is a common product purchased along with bottles of conventional lotions. It is because of the growing demand for coconut oil to leverage its skincare benefits. Want to know why to use coconut oil for skin care?

Decades of research on Coconut oil composed of medium-chain fatty acid proves it to be antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory in nature. Besides, it contains phytonutrients, polyphenols, and other tissue protective properties. These incredible properties make coconut oil effective against wound, dryness, acne, infections and excellent moisturizer. This post explains how coconut oil works as a remedy for some of the skin and hair problems.

Coconut oil for different skin problems


Coconut oil is used as an alternative treatment for Propionibacterium acne and acne vulgaris. Coconut oil due to its anti-bacterial properties inhibits the bacterial growth on the skin. It is known to be 15 times more effective than benzoyl peroxide (BPO) an antibiotic used to treat acne. The anti-inflammatory nature of this oil reduces the swelling and inflammation caused by acne. Applying the oil as a moisturizer will restore the lipid barrier function and improve acne.

Shalimar’s Coconut Oil

Stretch marks

Coconut oil is an effective remedy to prevent and reduce the stretch marks in pregnancy. The oil works well on damaged skin due to the presence of antioxidants that can scavenge the free-radicals. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin and improves the collagen cross-linking. A gentle massage every night before going to the bed will keep the skin nourished, smooth and supple.

Dull skin

Coconut oil is a beauty friendly product that works wonderfully in treating dull skin. It brightens up your skin due to the presence of vitamin C, E, and fatty acids and makes it soft and supple. Add lemon and honey to the coconut oil and apply as a thick coat to your face and rinse after ten minutes. Following this skin care regime on a regular basis will brighten your skin.

Cracked heels and hands

It is difficult to treat cracked skin on feet and hands and coconut oil is the best agent to get relief. Apply the oil to the affected areas and wrap loosely with the warm towel or the cling film and leave it overnight. Alternately you can add coconut oil to the warm water in the bathtub to relax and let the oil soak into the roughest and driest part of the skin. It is a get way to get rid of psoriasis and moisturize your skin.

Dry skin

Excess deficiency of vitamin E and C causes the skin dryness, premature wrinkle formation, and brittle nails. Massaging with coconut oil nourishes the dry cuticles of the skin, which makes this ingredient an integral part of many skin care products. The linoleic acid and lauric acid of the coconut oil makes it a superbly hydrating and antimicrobial agent. Besides its antibacterial and emollient effects makes it far more effective when compared to other oils.

Skin conditions like eczema

Coconut oil works as a good hydrating agent and has high antioxidant enzyme activity. Applying a thick layer of the virgin coconut oil twice a day will help reduce the growth of the staph bacteria on the skin. It will reduce the dryness, redness, cuts, abrasions and swollen patches of the skin associated with eczema or xerosis. It is also effective in reducing plaque-related gingivitis.

Coconut oil in India for different hair problems

Frizzy hairs

The problem of frizzy hair can be solved by using frizz-fighting serums that contain coconut oil. Coconut oil nourishes and strengthens the hair and it will leave your hair look smooth and polished. Facing problem taming your mane? Try coconut oil, it definitely helps in taming frizz and prevents protein loss from damaged and undamaged hair. It is a fantastic way to build healthy, luscious locks.

Damaged hair

Coconut oil binds to the protein in hair and prevents hair from breakage. Massaging scalp with coconut oil improves blood circulation and nourishes your follicles. The antioxidants present in coconut oil reduces hair loss by stimulating the growth of healthy hair. It works as a natural conditioner that makes hair soft and shiny. The oil prevents the bacterial problems that inhibit the hair growth and acts as hair shaft protecting against excess heat and environmental pollutants.


The ultra-moisturizing coconut oil helps prevent dandruff by lowering the yeast levels on the skin. Massaging the dry scalp with the slightly warm coconut oil reduces the flaking and itching caused by dandruff. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing and follow the remedy regularly to minimize the dandruff problem. However, for excess dandruff problem, you may have to use anti-dandruff shampoo. Using coconut oil with anise spray will also help you get rid of head lice.

Wrap up

These are the remedies for different skin and hair problem using coconut oil in India. There are many skin health benefits of buying coconut oil tin jar in India. However, it may not be ideal for everyone. Using coconut oil on oily skin may lead to clogging of pores and formation of blackheads. Before using make sure you do not have sensitive skin!


It is important to choose the best brand of coconut oil to leverage all the skin health benefits.

Shalimar Chemical Works Private Ltd is a company that manufactures different types of coconut oil. The national brand leads an international marketplace despite tough competition. Shalimar’s coconut oil in India is very popular for the purity and quality of the product.  Share us your feedback and If you have more queries then contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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